On Line Services

Either Administrator, 
either Co-owner or Tenant
 you no longer need to “headache” and waste your time on meetings and proof of payment…

Are you a Co-owner or a Tenant?

By logging into our "e-diamerisma" On-Line system, you can:
- to display a notification and print it
- pay your utility bill with either a debit or credit card
display an aggregated statement of expenditure and print it out
- to see all the movements of your apartment. It will show if a utility bill has been paid, when and where
- indicate any payment and whether you want to be automatically notified of each new public domain release
- see copies of all expenses - invoices and payment receipts

Are you a Trustee or a Management Committee?

With your entry into our "e-complex" On-Line system , in addition to all of the above you can in addition:
- print previous statements of expenditure
- enter any costs for a new version
- to see the amount of outstanding utility charges
- keep track of all the apartments and get a full picture of who is financially settled and who is not

The #1 company for financial management services of communal apartment buildings & holiday homes in the prefecture of Halkidiki.

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